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We At AROMACLAY Thrive To Provide The Best Premium Clay Products With A Wide Range Of Product Lines.

We Deliver Clay Cookware, Tableware, Kitchenware,Home Decor, Planters And A Lot More At Your Doorsteps Safely.

Our Products Are Handmade By Expert Potters Across India To Give Customers Of Our Pottery Store The Best Clay Products.

We Are A Sustainable Lifestyle Brand That Are Providing Our Customers With Wide Range Of Products Made Across India.

Benefits of Cooking in Clay Pots

Here are some clay pot cooking health benefits that you should know:

1. Clay Pots Lend a Nice Flavour to Food

Clay pots are made of clay, which is alkaline in nature. This property enables it to interact with the acids in the food while cooking, thus balancing its pH. Not only do they make the food healthier but also lend a nice aroma to it. The food cooked in clay pots becomes rich in various minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium etc.

2. Clay Pots Retain the Nutritive Value of Food

Clay pots are porous and allow the heat and moisture to circulate evenly during the cooking process. This lets the food retain more nutritive value than food prepared in other kinds of utensils. Also, meat prepared in clay pots remains juicy and tender.

3. Clay Pots Are Healthy for Your Heart

Excess use of oil for cooking is one of the leading causes of weight gain. If you wish to make your meals less oily, then clay pots are one of the best options because they require very less oil for cooking food. These pots take longer to heat and use a slower cooking process, helping to retain the natural moisture and natural oils present in the food.

4. Clay Pots Make Your Dish Aromatic

The actual aroma of the food is retained when cooked in an earthen or clay pot. This happens because of the porous nature of the clay pots and also because it uses a slow cooking process.

5. Clay Pots are Pocket-Friendly

Clay pots are readily available in almost all parts of the country. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one best suited to your requirements. Earthen pots are also reasonably priced, enabling you to cook rich food without burning a hole in your pocket.


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